Capsule hair extension

Capsule hair extensions - one of the most advanced and modern ways to give hair volume and increase the length, while maintaining a flawless appearance of curls.

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Advantages of capsule build-up:

  • quick and easy removal of the material does not harm the hair composition;
  • the ability to do any hairstyle;
  • the opportunity to expose strands to heat treatment;
  • the most simple care for hair extensions;
  • the natural appearance of hair;
  • does not require frequent correction (every 4 months);
  • the lack of weight and discomfort;
  • does not weaken the bulbs of your own hair.


Capsule hair extensions in Dnipro

The service of capsule hair extension in Dnipro is considered as a classic method, especially popular with masters and clients.

The reason:

  • long wear life of at least 4 months;
  • convenient implementation of the method that allows you to build absolutely any strands;
  • the most natural look of hair extensions that simply can not be distinguished from their own.

The procedure consists of several stages. For the beginning of the selected strands of a similar shade and texture as natural hair. This is followed by cleansing the hair with care products, and the subsequent manipulations depend on the chosen method of building. The price of capsule hair extensions will also depend on this.

In our online store you will find a huge range of hair capsules with different structure, length and shade of the highest quality. You can order them at an affordable price by phone or through the feedback form.


Methods of capsule hair extension

1. The Italian way-is carried out using selected natural Slavic hair on keratin capsules, which you can buy at an affordable price in a specialized store postizhernyh products DNEPROHAIR. The products presented in the catalog undergo minimal processing without the use of aggressive materials and substances, so all the hair retains its structure as much as possible. Such natural hair after extension can be colored, curled and straightened, stacked and withstand multiple corrections. With Italian hair extensions fixation on the capsules is made with the help of heated forceps, which melts keratin. In this state, it is firmly attached to the basal area.

2. The English method-involves fixing false hair in a similar scheme, but instead of keratin, molten resin is used, which is fed from a glue gun.

3. Microcapsular hair extension-is performed with the use of capsules two times smaller than standard. In this case, you will need more strands than usual.