Hollywood hair extensions

Hollywood hair extensions - one of the first ways to build, actively used previously in the film industry. This method allowed the Actresses to look more natural and harmonious in the frame.

голливудское наращивание волос голливудское наращивание волос днепр

Hollywood hair extensions are very popular, and there are many reasons:

  • the ability to color, style, curl, using care products for colored hair;
  • multiple use of hair with high quality material;
  • the ability to have strands of the face, which gives maximum naturalness;
  • no restrictions on visiting the bath, sauna, swimming pool, the use of cosmetics for hair;
  • hair is not tangled and combed.


Hollywood hair extensions in the river

This is one of the most gentle and reliable ways to lengthen hair. It stands out by the lack of fixation of strands with capsules, tape, glue. Instead, the build-up is carried out on braided braids, to which special threads are attached tresses. Fixation and removal of curls at the same time is carried out very quickly. 

Sewn to the root braids curls will not slip, cause discomfort and will remain completely invisible. Also, Hollywood hair extensions do not require special care. It is enough to carry out the correction every couple of months or as needed.


Hollywood hair extension from DNEPROHAIR

But this factor is highly dependent on the quality of the hair used for the procedure of building. Therefore, we recommend that you buy false hair only in specialized stores, for example, in DNEPROHAIR. We offer a huge range of natural Slavic hair of high quality at an affordable price. In the presence of strands with different structures and shades.

The price of Hollywood hair extensions may vary due to the choice of length and structure of hair, as well as the professionalism of the master.