Cold hair extension

Cold extension is considered the most gentle procedure to increase the volume and length of hair, as it does not imply the use of chemical or thermal effects in the process. Therefore, the service of cold hair extension in the Dnieper is incredibly in demand.

холодное наращивание волос холодное наращивание волос холодное наращивание цена

Advantages of cold build-up:

  • no harm to your hair;
  • natural and attractive appearance;
  • the areas of compounds are resistant to chemical and temperature influences;
  • does not require the use of specialized care products;
  • the ability to select the desired shade and structure of donor strands;
  • no allergic reactions;
  • duration of wear.


Cold hair extensions in Dnipro

Only materials characterized by reliability and safety are used as fastening in this method of building: 

  • micro rings;
  • capsules adhesive;
  • adhesive tape.

Featuring high strength, they are almost invisible on their hair, so the result is impressive, as with capsule hair extensions. Of course, this can be achieved only if you use selected high-quality material for building, which you can buy in our online store. We offer natural Slavic hair with minimal treatment with non-aggressive substances at an affordable price, because we carry out the entire production cycle.

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Types of cold hair extensions

The price of cold hair extensions is formed depending on the length, structure of the material, as well as the chosen method of extension. Cold hair extensions happen:

  • Spanish-is considered the most harmless and reliable way to lengthen hair. Donor curls are attached with a special glue, with which the master makes a capsule. Suitable only for owners of light hair, as frozen, the glue becomes a white shade.
  • Japanese-involves the use of micro-rings to connect with the hair. The method is harmless, and the strands themselves are not afraid of temperature changes and staining. Not suitable for girls with very thin hair, but it is a great option for owners of very short hair.
  • Tape build-up-a procedure in which the strands are connected to the real ones by means of adhesive tape. Can be used for short hair length.