Machine and hand tied wefts, sewing hair products

If a woman wants to quickly change her image, add Shine and brightness, then a great solution is to change her hairstyle. If nature has not endowed her with luxurious and thick hair, you can use the services of extension or buy ready-made natural hair that can be fixed on the family. This hairstyle keeps perfectly and looks completely natural, especially if you order materials from a professional manufacturer DNEPROHAIR.

What are the characteristics and benefits of designing products out of your hair?

Slavic hair from DNEPROHAIR has the following advantages:

  • Products are made by professional craftsmen who have extensive experience in this work.
  • Pastiseria products are made individually according to size and customer needs. All that the client will need is to provide the parameters to our masters and in the shortest possible time you will receive the right product.
  • The work is carried out exclusively by hand, each seam is carefully and accurately stitched, and at the end of the experts carefully check each product. Hair cracking is performed from the best materials.
  • We work only with natural Slavic hair, which is characterized by softness, luxurious appearance, natural Shine and radiance.
  • Each product will serve a woman for more than one year, while remaining durable and high quality. Natural hair can be curled, washed and perform other procedures on them, but it is important to consult with a hairdresser before doing so.
  • In the production of masters do not use synthetic impurities and other substances that adversely affect the material. The hair is not weighted, is completely safe for the scalp and hair.

It is necessary to understand that hair on keratin capsules or ribbons, as well as other products for building or modeling hairstyles are the most important factor on which the quality of work of hairdressers will depend. Natural hair should be strong, undergo proper processing and preparation, so that a woman remains satisfied and can wear a wig or hair products for a long time.

DNEPROHAIR is the best factory where you can order high-quality products, natural hair extensions or postizherskie products. We can find different hair shades, structure and other features at the most affordable price. Be sure that the masters will prepare the best goods at any time.