Industrial hair lightening in Dniprohair

Industrial hair lightening

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Every woman at least once in her life changed the color of her hair or the haircut itself, and for such services it is better to turn to professionals. In recent years, natural long hair has become more popular, so the interest in building has grown. But it often happens that buying materials of one tone, you want to get lighter hair for a natural hairstyle or an original idea of the master. Accordingly, the service of industrial hair lightening is in such demand. To get beautiful and well-groomed natural bleached hair, you can order industrial lightening in the company DNEPROHAIR.

What do DNEPROHAIR customers get?

  • Quality cuts of natural hair. The finished material can be used for your purposes, for example, to prepare capsule strands for extension.
  • Low loss of raw materials. Often during the clarification is lost about half the weight, especially if the original material was poor quality and aggressive substances, but we guarantee minimal losses.
  • Do not use hazardous substances that can burn or damage the hair. The structure of each hair is preserved, it gets alive, with natural color and Shine.
  • Industrial clarification services are available at an affordable cost. They are performed by experienced masters on the most modern technology.

Industrial hair lightening is a complex and time-consuming process that only specialists should deal with. During the work special equipment and tools, high-quality materials and means for coloring are used. Our company DNEPROHAIR has long been engaged in such techniques of hair preparation, so we know all the details and features of the process. First, the combing of the short undercoat is performed and the hair that has moved down is lifted. To keep them firmly on the base, the hair is stitched with stitches, fix them. Then there is a mordant, and directly the procedure of clarification to the desired shade. Since all-natural hair is used, after painting, you need to use an industrial conditioner for a more luxurious look. Masters comb and dry the hair, remove the fixation and perform a tightening. All-beautiful strand is ready!

To engage in self-training of hair, to perform hair coloring and lightening of the strands is problematic and difficult. This is due not only to the fact that you need to have professionals who have such experience, but also with the purchase of expensive equipment. Modern technology has a high cost, as well as high-quality products for hair lightening, and staff training in all the subtleties can be even more expensive. Therefore, the best solution is to buy ready-made slices from a specialized company DNEPROHAIR. We will quickly prepare the luxurious hair of the desired shade, which will look healthy and well-groomed, which is perfect for cracking or encapsulation, and subsequent extension.