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About Us

10 years on the Ukrainian market. We work for you

Hair for many centuries emphasize the beauty and femininity, they are a symbol of strength and can create an original and unique image, and changing the hairstyle, a woman can change herself and change her life. That is why the beauty industry and hairdressing services are so popular. And to become truly beautiful, you need to contact the masters, and they should use only the best materials. Dneprohair factory is an experienced professionals who produce high quality materials for hair extensions and provide hair lightening services. We work for you.

Dniprohair Factory

DNEPROHAIR are professionals who not only know all the details of their work, but are very responsible approach to each task, ready to put all the effort and soul. We are constantly improving and learning new technologies of work and production is exclusively permitted for an experienced master. All machinery, equipment and devices at the facilities of DNEPROHAIR are the most modern, so that you get only high-quality materials at the output. We care about our reputation, so be sure that here you can order hair that is durable and beautiful.

Factory specialization
Own production

We make all the hair we sell ourselves. Everything you need for hair extensions in your salon or hair salon can be found in our company. Due to the availability of our own equipment and materials, we are always ready to provide the best products at the best cost. Production at the factory DNIPROHAIR is a combination of professionalism of our specialists, safety of all substances (especially means for clarification and keratin for hair encapsulation) and quality of products. You will definitely be satisfied, and your customers will be delighted.

Our goal:

Find an individual approach
to each client

100% natural hair

We do not work with artificial hair and only high quality 100% natural hair is used in any production. Apply only " Slavic hair”, i.e. in the process work over natural the rigid not are used aggressive substances or dangerous materials, which then attach unnatural luster, and through several weeks at all deteriorate. Slavic hair, which can be ordered in our company DNIPRO air differ natural appearance, luxurious shade, beauty and style. In addition, in the process of working on the hair is not used silicone.

More than 200 shades

We can choose not just different types of products, but also to find hair that will suit individual characteristics. Our masters can lighten the hair to any shade, prepare a material that will be impossible to distinguish from the main hair during the build-up. DNEPROHAIR provides strands and sections of different lengths and structures. Now in a warehouse there are more than 1000 kg of finished goods among which you will precisely pick up that is necessary for you or our masters will quickly make it.