Hair extension training

Hair extension is one of the most popular beauty services. Dnipro hair company offers you hair extension training from qualified professionals with extensive experience. Here you will be able to get theoretical knowledge, and most importantly — to work out and consolidate the acquired skills into practice.

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Training includes:
  • obtaining the theoretical basis for various hair extension technologies (cold, ribbon, Hollywood, microcapsular, hot, capsule);
  • practical training on mannequins to consolidate the skills acquired;
  • issuance of diploma Dneprohair;
  • receiving recommendations regarding the preparation of the client, contraindications, the period of wear, the choice of materials for hair extensions, care, correction and removal of strands.

You can sign up for the courses and get all the additional information about the hair extension courses, prices and duration by calling the number listed in the "Contacts" section or by ordering a call back.


Why do you need hair extension courses

Hair extension technologies continue to improve, and now there are new and more modern methods of giving curls the desired length and volume.

Therefore, to do hair extensions only one technology is extremely unprofessional, as all customers are individual, with their hair structure and scalp type. 

For example, at high sensitivity of a scalp at the client it is necessary to use a spray with natural components on the basis of decoctions of natural herbs and in any case not to do increase by sewing to locks of tresses.

In this case, it is necessary to lengthen the hair by means of micro-extension technology (cold extension) or capsule extension. Also popular procedure is tape hair extension. Some clients require hair restoration procedures. And this is only a small part of the nuances that are revealed when attending refresher courses in Dnipro from Dneprohair.


Training on hair extensions in the river

The main task of the master is the high quality of work, providing him with positive recommendations in the future. Therefore, hair extension courses in Dnipro are an ideal way to improve your professionalism and gain more clients.  

Our experts will offer you at an affordable price hair extension courses on a wide range of techniques, as well as tell you how to create the perfect image, maintain the health and beauty of hair, will give recommendations on the care of hair extensions.

The professional development program contains both theoretical and practical knowledge on the technique of microcapsular, hot, cold, tape, capsule and Hollywood extension.

Training takes place on our materials — Slavic hair Luxury. After training, we issue a diploma Dneprohair. You can sign up for advanced training courses and get all the additional information by phone or through the feedback form.