Keratin hair extensions

The service of Keratin hair extensions in Dnipro is a popular and relatively inexpensive service that can afford almost every girl who dreams of a chic volume and length. Now there is no need to grow curls for years, spending a lot of money for their nutrition and growth, because modern methods allow you to get the desired effect in just a few hours.

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Advantages of keratin hair extension:

  • suitable for any hair type and length;
  • strands with 1 extension can be applied repeatedly;
  • long wear life;
  • not combed;
  • invisible on the hair and do not cause discomfort; 
  • capsules do not deteriorate from high temperatures.


Keratin hair extensions in Dnipro

Hair extensions with keratin as cold, pursues the same goal - to give the hair length and volume, but these methods are somewhat different, and each of them has its pros and cons.

The essence of keratin hair extension is the thermal effect on the composition attached to the hair. The method is characterized by incredible strength and excellent visual effect.

To recognize the extension with keratin technology is more difficult than with cold, which is due to the huge popularity of keratin hair extensions, the price of which is also very acceptable.

Of course, due to the presence of thermal effects, this procedure is considered a little less gentle for your own hair, unlike techniques in which heating is not required, such as cold hair extensions, but the resulting effect is worth it.

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Types of keratin hair extensions

Keratin hair extension is done mainly by two main technologies:

1. Build-up according to the English method-is carried out with the use of molten resin, the tone of which is selected under the curls. Hardened resin forms a strong attachment, but reviews indicate a fairly rapid destruction of such capsules and strong combing strands. Correction at the same time requires a lot of time, because the capsule is first softened, and then removed with split forceps. Strands have to form and re-build.

2. Italian extension-performed with keratin microcapsules. They are applied with the help of thermal forceps, quickly warming up the capsules to the desired temperature. This process is more advanced, and the result is more durable and natural. And the use of high-quality natural Slavic hair capsules produced by the company DNEPROHAIR, allows such hair to easily comb, color, curl, straighten, style, repeatedly adjust and do not use specialized care products.