Wigs from natural hair to buy in the online store Dniprohair

Wigs made from natural hair

Do you want noticeable changes and experiments with the appearance, but do not dare to immediately go to drastic action? Then a woman's wig made of natural hair is what you need! This method does not injure the native hair with another coloring and is able to instantly transform your appearance beyond recognition.

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The main advantages of wigs are:

  • softness and elasticity;
  • reliability: the ability to make a stylish styling and hairstyle to your liking, make a Perm, repaint it, wear instead of a hat in the winter, etc.;
  • durability-able to serve from 5 to 15 years depending on operating conditions;
  • simple care with conventional means for washing the head.


Features of the selection of wigs from natural hair

It is worth noting that modern wigs made of natural hair, which you can buy at an affordable price in our online store DNEPROHAIR, look very natural, so it will be almost impossible to guess that this is not your hair. 

For their production, only high-quality natural raw materials that have undergone preliminary heat treatment and resistant staining are used. To create an even more spectacular image, the product can be painted, straightened or curled. 

In our online store you can order a wig made of natural handmade hair with different length, shade and structure. In the presence of modern models with a long length, as well as short and medium length to create the most natural sophisticated image. The price of the wig will depend on the chosen style, volume and type of product. 

Compared with artificial models, wigs made of natural hair do not require special care and have a longer wearing life. They also have a more aesthetic appearance. 


Where to buy a wig?

First of all, if you need to buy a wig, you should pay attention to the basis-the grid. It is from her largely depends on the quality of the entire product. It should not be synthetic, otherwise the scalp will not breathe.This wig is universal, since the parting in it can be done from any side. 

Another option is hair pieces. Here is a parting can not be changed. The model is not the most functional, but if the budget is limited-a good solution.

It is also important to determine the size. The wig should not create pressure or dangle. Rubber bands and silicone bands in the base are used as clamps for this. Guess the size is also easy, because it usually corresponds to the size grid of hats.

Buy a wig in Ukraine at the best cost-a simple task, if you turned to a professional store postizhernyh products DNEPROHAIR. Here you will find a huge selection of wigs, both women's and men's quality natural Slavic hair. Delivery of goods is carried out in Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine.