Professional beauty salons can not do only the experience of specialists or recognition of skill. To provide services at the highest level, it is necessary to have high-quality cosmetics, consumables, tools for work and fixed assets. This is especially true of what is needed for hair extensions or hair care, because the quality of materials will depend on how satisfied customers will be. The products of the company DNEPROHAIR - is what you need for the highest level.

Here you can buy:
  • Keratin granules, powder, stripes
  • Hair care products
  • Equipment and tools for craftsmen
  • Materials for any hair extension
  • Natural hair
  • Various pastiseria products

The beauty industry is an area that is developing so fast that only the masters can keep up with it. If you want to make your business truly successful and profitable, you need to constantly improve, use the latest equipment, use modern technology and the safest materials. The only way to be sure that the services you provide will be beneficial for the client and for you.

For the first time Curling tongs were used in Ancient Egypt, and today they are so improved that high-quality technology almost does not harm the hair and in a short time makes them luxurious. But this applies only to professional equipment and materials that are used in the best salons of the most experienced masters. You need to order products only in the best sellers, which is the company DNEPROHAIR.

For our clients

Advantages of buying in DNEPROHAIR

  • Quality. Bad products will not allow the specialist to show their skills and will leave the visitor very dissatisfied, so we provide only the best equipment and quality materials.
  • Prices are available. Of course, any master wants to purchase were profitable, and since we are engaged in the production and supply, we can offer you the optimal cost of products without extra charges.
  • Professionalism. Over the manufacture of each product, whether it is care products or hair extensions, work only experienced staff who have extensive experience. We use only modern technology and the best materials.
  • Constant availability. We have our own warehouse of finished products, so at any time we are ready to provide you with the necessary goods. You just have to call!
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