Tape hair extensions in the Dnipro

Hair extensions ribbon refers to the cold methods that allow for just a few hours to become the owner of luxurious hair of any length. It is equally possible to tape hair extensions for short hair, thin and thin hair, and the strands themselves during the procedure are not subjected to chemical or heat treatment.

ленточное наращивание волос наращивание волос ленточное

Advantages of tape hair extension:

  • the possibility of applying the procedure for weak hair;
  • no temperature and chemical effects on your own hair;
  • speed of manipulations (no more than half an hour);
  • no harm to your own hair.


Ribbon hair extensions in Dnipro at an affordable price

The method involves the use of tress build-up. Curls are attached thanks to a special basis in the form of a soft ribbon, hence the name of the procedure.

Donor hair is attached as close to the scalp as possible to the root part, which allows you to keep the result longer and create the most natural look.

The adhesive used in the procedure is hypoallergenic and odorless.

Tape extension will be a great solution if you need additional volume of hair. This method does not require you to make any sacrifices. It is enough to follow these rules and your hair will always look great.


Care for band hair extensions

To preserve the effect of tape build - up will help adherence to some rules.

  • Refuse to wash your hair during the first day after the procedure. This can lead to softening of the fastenings and gradual loss of strands.
  • Give up too tight hairstyles that put additional pressure on the hair roots.
  • Do not scratch your hair against the growth. This can lead to tangling of the strands.
  • Wash your hair no more than twice a week using a shower.

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