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Microcapsular hair extension

Microcapsular hair extension has absorbed, perhaps, the best qualities of all technologies and is now in incredible demand. Microcapsular hair extensions in Dnipro allows you to quickly and easily become the owner of curls of any volume and length, which are almost impossible to distinguish from natural to the touch and look of hair.

This innovative method is suitable for those who

 - wants to hide the lack of hair in the forehead, parting, temples, get rid of bald spots;

 - possesses from of nature rare and thin the rigid with minimal volume of.


Microcapsule hair extensions in the river

Hair extensions in recent years has become an extremely popular procedure. Therefore, the technology of extension is regularly improved and become safer and more comfortable for real hair.

The procedure involves attaching thin strands to your hair using tiny nanocapsules at the roots. They are almost invisible and do not cause the slightest discomfort, like Hollywood hair extensions. The result is enough for a few months before the correction, until noticeably grow their own hair.

The price of microcapsular hair extension depends on the number of strands and length of hair, so it is decided individually with the master.


Advantages and features of microcapsular hair extension 

With microcapsular build-up, you can safely straighten, curl and dye your hair, swim in the sea and sunbathe, visit the sauna and so on. That is, the build-up has no special restrictions and does not require significant care, as many mistakenly believe. 

The main thing in this procedure is to choose high-quality natural hair from a reliable supplier, which is the company DNEPROHAIR. Here you will find hair extensions with minimal processing and maximum preservation of the hair structure. If necessary, we carry out lightening and produce high quality hair products, which can be ordered in our online store.