Industrial encapsulation of hair in

Hair encapsulation is one of the most common methods of preparing the material for extension in salons. The point is to fix the keratin capsule on strands weighing up to 1 gram with the help of special equipment. Later, it will be fixed on the roots of the hair with the use of salon techniques of extension. Modern hairdressers must have available high-quality materials to perform the service at the highest level. Specialists of the company DNEPROHAIR will provide you with the best hair with quality capsules for hair extension services.

Benefits of hair encapsulation services from DNEPROHAIR

  • High quality keratin. We control the quality of all materials, and all keratin is tested, so we can offer only safe products.
  • Only natural hair. The production uses only 100% natural hair that looks luxurious and beautiful.
  • Professionalism. Over each strand of hair for capsule extension work experienced masters and uses modern equipment, so you get durable materials.
  • Large assortment. We offer a wide range of colors, lengths and other hair features that will look the same as the client's main hair.

Hair extensions "Italian method" has become especially popular in recent years. The advantage is that if the service of extension is performed by masters, then everything goes quickly enough, and at the same time the hair looks beautiful and natural. Women and sometimes even men prefer this method of extension, because it allows you to comb your hair, you quickly get used to the feeling of small capsules, and also pleases customers and the cost of services. In addition, provided the correct use of methods of cold or hot extension, capsule hair are completely safe and very durable. They can perfectly hold for months on the main hair, do not cause any breakage or loss. Compared with other types of building, this is considered one of the most modern, high-quality and convenient.

In any case, it will be impossible to buy in advance all the necessary materials for the extension, if you decide to open your salon, hairdresser or recently started to provide a service. The main difficulty is that it is impossible to provide the color and structure of the hair of the client, because it is necessary to adapt to individual characteristics. It happens that the color of the capsules should be different from the color of the strands on which it is fixed, because the woman has a different shade in the roots or there is colored hair. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly order quality materials from specialists who provide the service of industrial encapsulation of natural hair. DNEPROHAIR will always help you to solve any question and in the shortest possible time will make necessary goods taking into account all requirements.