Production of natural hair extensions in Dniprohair

Production of hair extensions

Of course, every woman wants to be beautiful, and one of the main symbols of beauty has always been considered lush hair. And if a girl by nature does not have such a hairstyle, the best solution is to use the procedure of building. But how beautiful and luxurious the hair will grow depends not only on the skills of the master, but primarily on the quality of materials. The company DNIPRO HAIR is a manufacturer of modern hair extensions of the best quality. We offer a wide range of products, hair of different colors, which can be used for different methods of building.

Hair production is a time-consuming process that requires experience, skills, availability of high-quality materials and modern equipment. The difficulty is that the smallest problem, an error during production will accurately affect how after the build-up the hair will be “worn” - how long it will be and how they will look on their native hair. The production itself consists of several stages. First comes the processing, when the natural hair is cleaned and sorted, they are collected in strands. Experts comb the material with the help of technology, and then pass the hair for further processing. At this stage, a hair cut is produced for masters who work with the main material. Then the production of hair is divided into several different types: encapsulation, ribbons, hairpins or tresses or lightening. Encapsulation is to fix the keratin capsule on the edge of the hair in the beam with the use of special equipment, so that later it will be possible to perform modern extensions. In the production of hair on the tapes use polyurethane, which will then be glued to the native hair, and the task is to fix the curls on small hairpins. With the help of tresses, you can quickly create an original and luxurious hairstyle for a woman, because there is a fabric basis. 

What is the difference between the products of the factory DNEPROHAIR and those that can be bought in a conventional cosmetic store? Of course, there are other companies for the production of natural hair, but you need to understand that one product to another discord. To create a hairstyle that will look natural and natural, you need to use only high-quality materials. DNEPROHAIR produces the best hair for extensions or other purposes. In the production process, only natural hair of the European type is used (they are thin, which allows you to create any hairstyle, silky and soft to the touch). They are processed, in which no dangerous substances are used, so as not to damage the hair, so they remain strong and shiny. We do not use any silicone so as not to weigh down the material. All substances for clarification are completely safe and do not cause allergies, and after this procedure, the hair is treated with air conditioning and protective means. Modern technology, which is used during the production of natural hair, is also as gentle as possible to each hair, and our masters take care that you get only the best materials. DNEPROHAIR is a combination of quality, convenience and affordable price.