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Hair extensions in the Dnipro

Hair extension services in Dnipro are very popular, as it is an easy way to get a chic volume and length in a few hours. Naturally, the result of the whole procedure largely depends not only on the professionalism of the specialist, but also on the quality of materials. Only selected natural hair should be used for this purpose.

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Popular hair extension techniques

  • Hot hair extension-fastening strands is carried out by means of fused keratin.
  • The tape extension is very popular among the cool techniques. This is a fairly gentle procedure, in which the strands are attached to the hair by means of adhesive tape. The procedure lasts 40 minutes and does not require special devices. This extension looks very impressive and is suitable for adding hair density.
  • Tissovoe building - is performed by braiding at the roots, which are sewn hair pieces. Natural hair does not suffer, but you need to change tresses quite often-every six weeks.
  • Hair extensions for short hair is also possible. The permissible initial length varies depending on the technology used. One of the popular methods is microcapsular hair extension, which allows you to work with a length of 5 cm.

If you do not know where to find natural Slavic hair of high quality for extension, you can contact our online store postizhernyh products in the Dnieper. Hair extensions for the price differs depending on the selected hot or cold method.

Correction is desirable every three months. At the same time, the extended strands lowered due to the growth of their hair are removed and attached again to the roots.

One set of hair can be flipped up to five times.

How much is hair extensions-a question of interest to many, and as you know, the question of price depends on the chosen method, length and quality of hair extensions. And you can buy the best cuts of Slavic hair in the shop DNEPROHAIR.

We also have these types of extensions:

  • capsule hair extensions
  • cold hair extension
  • Hollywood hair extensions