Clip in hair Clip in hair

Clip in hair

Hair clips made of natural material are a great alternative to building. This is a universal tool for those who want to look irresistible, but due to natural features can not achieve the desired length and density.

With false hair clips, you can experiment with your appearance and style without much drastic changes. Their application allows for a few minutes to create the desired volume, length and achieve the desired shade. And if suddenly such changes do not like you, it is enough to unfasten a strand on a hairpin from your own hair and your appearance is the same as before.

Slavic hair clips from a professional manufacturer DNEPROHAIR have many advantages and differences:

  • Convenient way to build. Women often use the service of hair extensions on hairpins, because it is comfortable and much easier than other methods (on capsules or tapes).
  • Completely safe. Although keratin or polyurethane tapes do not cause irritation, but some may be allergic to them, especially if the extension was performed by an inexperienced master. But hairpins do not have a negative effect on the hair or scalp.
  • Naturalness. DNEPROHAIR makes bases for extension from absolutely natural Slavic hair on hairpins. We do not use hazardous substances for cleaning, so every hair remains silky and shiny.

Factory DNEPROHAIR is a specialized company that provides a wide range of products. Here you can order high-quality hair extensions on pins, which are perfect for a professional salon, hairdresser or private master. We offer Slavic hair at an affordable price.

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WHOLESALE from 1 kg -10%, from 5 kg -15%

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What are the advantages of hair clips?

All women want to look beautiful, and a stylish image is created by thick hair. But since not everyone has hair from nature, one of the best options is to use the service of hair extensions. There are several common types of extensions, but hair clips are still very popular. On how well the service will be performed depends on the reputation of the master and the beauty salon, and the quality is primarily affected by the strength of the products that will be used. Order natural hair clips for extensions you can in a specialized company DNEPROHAIR.

Proper fastening and care of false hair

In appearance, false strands are thin strips of hair with hairpins, providing a reliable fastening at the roots. For this, as a rule, natural hair is used, so they can be dyed, washed, curled with tongs, dried with a Hairdryer, straightened. And any girl without special skills at home will cope with their fastening. You can buy false hair in specialized stores, for example, in DNEPROHAIR.

To fasten hair on hairpins it is necessary to begin with a nape, gradually rising to a top. Wide strands go to the back of the head, and for the temporal part, narrower strands are used, which are covered with their hair. 

If the hair structure is wavy-problems with holding false hair should not be. If it is straight, it is desirable to make a small fleece at the roots and attach a hairpin. She'll hold on better that way.

For the care of false strands:

  • use mild care products;
  • avoid tangles, wash hair only vertically;
  • do not sleep with wet false hair;
  • do not wet the attachment point;
  • do not perform chemical Curling;
  • dry hair naturally or with a hair dryer on cold mode.

Where to buy natural hair clips 

Buy false hair in Ukraine is not difficult, for example, you can do it in the online store DNEPROHAIR. We are the manufacturer of all products that are presented in the catalog. Due to the presence of a large range of materials and their own equipment, you can buy hair clips inexpensive. In addition, we guarantee the safety of products, as it is not processed by harmful and dangerous substances, silicone. We work only with high-quality natural Slavic hair, which are well-groomed appearance, softness, beautiful natural shades. 

If necessary, we lighten the strands to the desired shade, prepare the material in such a way that it will be extremely difficult to distinguish it from the native hair. The range of sections and strands of different structures and lengths, so the price of hair clips may vary slightly depending on the choice.

Buy hair clips and hair on tress at the best price in Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa and other cities of Ukraine in our store right now by phone or through the feedback form.