How to wash extended hair in capsules

October 2019

There is a situation when the period of wear of hair extensions is less than it was stated by the master. However, quite often the reason for this lies in the negligent attitude of the clients themselves, who do not pay due attention to the care of the grown curls or choose low-quality raw materials, which will not save even the most careful care.

Therefore, before building in the first place pay attention to the quality of the purchased material. We recommend that you purchase Slavic hair, which is characterized by long wear, softness, natural attractive appearance and easier care. But even in this case, it is necessary to observe the rules of proper washing, drying and styling of hair extensions. 

Avoid tangles, premature detachment of donor strands, slips and loss of native hair will help the recommendations presented below.

It is important to properly care 

Washing is an important procedure when building, before which you should prepare the strands, gently combing them with a comb with wide teeth (preferably from natural materials to avoid tangling and electrifying hair). Hold the hair at the roots when combing to avoid high pressure in the attachment area of the capsules.

Rules for washing and drying hair extensions:

  1. After building for the first time to wash your hair should not be earlier than 2 days. 
  2. Distribute the shampoo in the direction of hair growth from the roots to the tips, wash off after a couple of minutes.
  3. Wash the hair on the capsules can only be in an upright position, their tilting can lead to tangling strands.
  4. The water should be at the optimum warm temperature.
  5. After washing, the hair should be gently blot with a towel, avoiding twisting strands in the towel and friction. 
  6. Do not comb wet strands, and wait for them to dry completely.
  7. It is possible to use a hair dryer for fast drying with the use of thermal protection means.
  8. Do not go to bed with a wet head. At night it is advisable to braid the locks loosely in a braid.
  9. Try to comb your hair 3-4 times a day to avoid tangles.

In addition, in addition to basic and proper care, remember to:

  • wearing a swimming cap in the pool to protect your hair from the negative effects of chlorine;
  • refuse to visit the bath and Solarium, as high temperatures can damage the adhesions;
  • protect the head from direct sunlight as overheating damages the capsules.