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What is the difference between Slavic hair and South Russian

September 2019

The main material for building natural strands of hair. When building it is necessary to take into account its structure, thickness, shade, hair type. 

Also an important requirement is the high quality of curls, so we recommend buying them in a specialized store postigernyh products DNEPROHAIR. In assortment a wide choice of shades. Hair can be bought in sections with minimal processing, on ribbons, tress, keratin capsules.

South Russian hair or Slavic-what is the difference?

The peculiarity of Slavic hair supplied from Ukraine, Belarus, is that they:

  • have a different structure and slightly wavy, curly, straight;
  • can be as very thin, and average thickness;
  • very elastic and soft to the touch;
  • they are easy to lay, curl, color, do not require careful care;
  • have a wide palette of natural shades, so rarely painted;
  • for a long time retain a presentable appearance when building and can be reused for correction, unlike in Europe.

South Russian hair, purchased in the southern part of Europe and Russia, Siberia:

  • they are characterized by high density and rigidity;
  • well amenable to Curling and styling;
  • unpretentious in care; 
  • can be curly or straight. 

In contrast to Slavic do not have bright colors, and paint in like this without compromising the quality and structure of hair is extremely difficult. Therefore, they can not be used for extensions on blonde hair. In addition, their rigid and dense structure is not suitable for every girl.

Given these factors, we can say that Slavic hair - the best material for building, and their only drawback is only the price and a limited amount of material, as it is in great demand. This option is optimal for almost any type of hair and shade.

If you are looking for where to buy high-quality Slavic natural hair, please contact the online store DNEPROHAIR. 

All hair before the build-up we necessarily undergo thorough treatment (disinfection, degreasing, painting, combing). Manually selected only the best raw materials, sorted by color and length. Strands are formed into sections or secured with keratin and tress. Available only high quality dyed and unpainted natural Slavic hair Luxury at a nice price.