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December 2021

The implementation of the procedure for building up donor curls provides for the observance of a number of mandatory stages. The first is the encapsulation of hair into individual strands. This is one of the most important preparatory processes to ensure quality build-up. Basically, this operation is performed by specialized companies, but you can try your hand at home if you have the appropriate materials and tools. First of all, for this you need a hair extension card, which can be ordered on the Internet, in particular, in stores selling hair extension tools.

Capsulated strands are used in hot extension technology. They are formed bundles of hair with keratin microcapsules applied at their end. They are formed with forceps from a small amount of material. Keratin refers to refractory compounds that soften at a certain temperature. Individual hairs, connected in small strands, form a tress of the desired weight and volume.

For self-encapsulation, a special hair card is used, which is easy to buy, thanks to the variety of designs and offers on the Internet. The hair encapsulation card is used with the manual method. Despite the fact that it is recognized as the most time-consuming, requiring certain skills, it is manual encapsulation that allows you to apply the most optimal amount of keratin to the strand. Its volume varies from 0.8 g to 0.9 g and is capable of holding a curl, weighing up to 0.5 g.

Also, for the procedure, you will need additional tools, combs, heat tongs and high-quality keratin, which can be purchased inexpensively in the DNIPROHAIR company store.

Features of the choice of cards for hair extension

The process of encapsulating and creating donor curls is greatly facilitated and accelerated through the use of this simple device. Patchwork minimizes hair loss during sectioning and is absolutely essential for the professional's work.

To buy a card for hair encapsulation, the most suitable for certain types of work, you need to know their types and features. Manufacturers currently offer two options:

  • soft;
  • hard card.

The first is used for hand-making wefts, wigs and onlays. It allows you to lay out the roots of each hair in one perfectly straight line. In this case, each strand will have the same weight and thickness. By placing a hair cut between two soft tools and pulling the curls in blocks of a certain thickness, ideal wefts are formed. In this case, the rest of the components will remain in place.

Rigid cards are designed for industrial treatment of donor hair. It is used for combing out sections in large volumes.

Buy card for hair extension in DNIPROHAIR

Despite the large number of offers in online stores, it is preferable to buy high-quality tools and materials for hair extension from companies that have sufficient experience in this area and have a positive business reputation. Dniprohair is a professional specialized enterprise with a weight in the field of beauty creation.

The company sells strong, reliable, durable tools and consumables for extensions. Despite the high quality, confirmed by Ukrainian and international certificates, the products have an affordable price. For the convenience of customers, delivery is used throughout Ukraine by several transport and logistics companies.