How to choose a wig from natural hair

October 2019

If by nature you do not have thick and beautiful hair, or just want to change the image without spoiling the hair structure with paint, a wig will be a good option for you. But with an inattentive approach, you can buy a product not of the best quality, which will completely destroy your idea to successfully change the image. How to choose a wig to emphasize individuality and create a spectacular image, we will consider next.

First of all, you should know that wigs are made of artificial and natural material. Undoubtedly it is better to choose a wig from natural hair, especially Slavic type. They are characterized by softness, elasticity, long-term wear, unpretentiousness in care.

A good wig made of natural hair can be colored, the use of lotions and tonics, straightening with an iron, Curling, all kinds of haircuts and hot styling. Also, high-quality natural wigs are characterized by a long period of wear (about 5 years), so with constant styling and washing, it will not lose shape and attractive appearance.

Choosing a wig-basic recommendations

What should you pay attention to:

  • On the structure of the product. When buying, carefully inspect its base. For many, the most convenient form is the so-called cap, in which the hairs are woven by hand. Option mesh well simulates the shape of the head, so the parting can be done anywhere. But the cap with synthetic fibers is better not to choose, as it does not give sufficient access to air and creates the effect of a greenhouse. Therefore, in this form, choose wigs only with natural material.
  • On the size of the model. After choosing the basis, decide on the size, it ranges from 50-62. Reduce the product, if it is a little large, you can use a needle and thread. Small in size products are better not to wear at all, otherwise the false hairstyle will shrink and cause discomfort.
  • The shape of the face. A square face needs to emphasize the cheekbones, for this choose an oblique parting on the top and a wavy structure. For a round face, short wigs with side long strands are suitable. The oval will complement the wig with a raised hairstyle, well if the curls are slightly shifted back, the length can be any. For heart-shaped relevant small curls or smooth strands. The triangle will accentuate hair at the top of the head.

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