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What kind of paint to paint hair extensions?

December 2019

It is easy to create a memorable and stylish image if you use modern cosmetic procedures. The question of whether it is possible to dye roots with hair extensions, many girls are interested. Given the attractiveness of the procedure, such a state of Affairs should not be surprising. Properly executed hair extensions allows you to acquire new features and make the face more expressive. Luxurious donor hair will give such volume and length strands, which previously had only dreamed of. It remains only to choose the salon for painting, as well as the appropriate composition, which will achieve the desired effect.

After fixing the hair often there is a desire to change their shade, experimenting with images in the new season. It is best if the coloring is performed by the same master who was engaged in hair extensions. In this case, he knows the donor strands well, so he will be able to choose the funds, taking into account their quality. If the salon gives a guarantee for the procedure, then painting at home can lead to its cancellation, so it is better not to risk and go to specialists who can make the hair on the capsules even more irresistible.

What kind of paint to dye hair extensions?

You can dye your hair qualitatively and safely only if you choose the right composition. Well-known manufacturers offer their services, so you can get confidence that the result will pleasantly surprise the girl after the procedure.

How to dye false natural hair paint? First of all, study the description of the composition. It should have a minimum amount of oxidants. Another rule is the complete absence of ammonia. Before you lighten the hair, you should apply the composition to a small area of strands to assess the final result. Ideal area behind the ear, which will remain invisible in case of inappropriate effect. On the hair for extension is better to apply professional paint, which has excellent resistance. And one more thing that you need to consider. Only natural hair is allowed to be dyed, since in the case of artificial hair, the paint will lead to their gluing. Observing the safety rules, the master will not be difficult to dye donor strands, using a gentle composition.

How should I dye my hair?

If you are interested in how to dye roots with hair extensions, then first you need to buy all the necessary drugs and tools. Having decided on the shade of paint, do not forget that during the procedure the separator of strands is actively used. This brush has a unique shape and is great for coloring. Next, you can safely tone Slavic hair, adhering to the following rules:

  • apply the composition can only be on dry unwashed hair;
  • using the separator, you need to select individual curls. The first to be treated native hair, and only then donor;
  • during the application of paint on the hair extensions need to be careful that the composition was not on the capsules;
  • following the recommendations specified in the instructions, you should wash off the remnants of paint with warm water, using shampoo.

These simple tips will allow you to change your image depending on the season, making it warmer in winter and brighter in summer, or Vice versa. We hope that you no longer have questions about whether it is possible to dye roots with hair extensions. You can always sign up for the procedure and get confidence in its quality, because the manufacturer Dneprohair remains one of the best suppliers of donor hair on the market of Ukraine.