Natural hair wig care: tips & tricks

January 2022

It is easy to create the perfect image if you use modern solutions for this. For example, you can use a wig to give your hair the desired length and volume. The highest quality products are obtained through the use of natural hair, which is distinguished by its impeccable appearance. In practice, a quality wig made from natural curls is very difficult to distinguish from real strands.

To make quality wigs keep their attractive appearance even longer, it is enough to use simple recommendations for their care. In this case, the wig will serve for several seasons without losing its aesthetic component.

How to wash a human hair wig?

Natural wigs are presented on the market in a wide variety, therefore, their care is carried out according to a well-established scheme, where each stage is worked out in detail. It remains only to get used to the specifics of the procedures and perform them in accordance with the prescriptions. You should start with how to wash your Slavic hair. Experts recommend doing this procedure every few months. If a girl regularly resorts to styling, then you need to wash the wig much more often, since it will get dirty faster. It is recommended to process wigs only with neutral cosmetics.

If you are going to wash the curls of a wig, you should comb the tangled strands using a comb. The wig should be dampened with warm water. Remember that natural wig curls do not tolerate washing in hot water, so using a liquid at room temperature is the best option. When washing, you should not resort to circular or sudden movements. Rinse thoroughly areas that touch exposed skin, such as the forehead or the back of the head. They are more prone to accumulation of sweat and dirt.

Wash a wig from natural hair until the shampoo is removed from the curls. Also, during care, you can use products to nourish and moisturize your hair:

  • air conditioner;
  • rinse aid;
  • balm.

Apply hair care products smoothly. If necessary, rinse them off with warm water. To eliminate excess liquid, the wig can be wrapped in a towel. You should immediately abandon the idea of ​​twisting the wig - in this case, the product will receive serious damage, which accelerates its wear. Natural hair is expensive, so experts do not recommend saving on product care products. The best choice is a mid-range shampoo that is pH neutral.

How to dry and style a natural hair wig?

Making a wig from natural hair is a complex process, which affects its cost, so proper care will avoid additional costs in using the product. It is recommended to use terry towels to dry wigs, and also to put them on a special stand after drying. Natural drying is an effective and safe method as long as the room temperature is maintained. In rare cases, it is allowed to use a hair dryer if it is not possible to quickly bring the wig into optimal condition.

The process of combing a wig is carried out in a specific sequence. Start at the ends of the hair without touching the base. Use a comb for brushing. Combing curls should be done only after complete drying. For this procedure, you should choose a comb-comb with rare teeth. This will eliminate tangles without tangling the hairs. The styling is carried out with cosmetics for weak fixation. It is best not to use irons if possible. You can replace them with curlers.

Careful wearing of a wig is a guarantee of its attractiveness

There are some simple guidelines to help you keep your wig in top condition:

  • do not wash the product under running water;
  • do not leave the wig in water for 15 minutes or more;
  • do not brush your wig until it dries;
  • do not twist the product;
  • it is recommended to dry a product made of natural hair on a stand.

If you do not plan to use the wig in the next week, then it is better to send it straight away to the box in which the product was delivered. Never send a wig for long-term storage if it has not been dried well and thoroughly. The manufacturer DNIPROHAIR offers a wide range of products that will pleasantly surprise every client with their impeccable quality. The best Slavic hair is used for production, which greatly facilitates subsequent care.